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The DataCite REST API allows any user to retrieve, query and browse DataCite DOI metadata records. In addition, DataCite Repositories can register DOIs and DataCite Members can manage Repositories and prefixes via the API. The API is generally RESTful and returns results in JSON, as the API follows the JSONAPI specification.

DataCite. NLM DC. Hide footer. AboutFeaturesToolsBlogAmbassadorsContactFAQsPrivacy PolicyCookie PolicyT&CsSitemap. figshare. credit  Forskningsdata som deponerats eller öppnats hittas i de repositorier där de lagrats, men också via söktjänster som samlar information från repositorierna. Search social sciences data sets.

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DataCite | 380 followers on LinkedIn. Connecting research, identifying knowledge. | DataCite makes research better by enabling people to find, share, use and cite data. We are a leading global Begin typing (e.g. en-GB for English, Great Britain) or use the drop down menu. To this end, we use the object property ``datacite:hasIdentifier`` that has as its object a member of the class ``datacite:Identifier`` or of one of its two sub-classes, ``datacite:ResourceIdentifier`` or ``datacite:AgentIdentifier``, while the latter one is sub-classed by three additional classes, i.e., ``datacite:PersonalIdentifier``, ``datacite:OrganizationIdentifier``, and ``datacite 2021-04-12 · While DataCite was originally founded to support data citation, DataCite DOIs can be used on a variety of objects.

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It also attempts to establish easier access to research data on the Internet by exposing and providing a search interface for all metadata attached to datasets that have been identified using the service and registered with the Metadata Store. Export:APA BibTeX DataCite RIS. raw data-miR-206 Reduces the Severity of Motor Neuron Degeneration in the Facial Nuclei of the Brainstem in a Mouse Model of SMA. DataCite is a global not-for-profit international organization formed in London in December 2009. DataCite is a resource for researchers and librarians to find  DataCite is an international non-profit organization formed in 2009. It is a consortium of public research institutions, funding bodies and publishers worldwide  ​What is DataCite?

DataCite’s members work with data centers, stewards, libraries, archives, universities, publishers and research institutes that host repositories and who have responsibility for managing, holding, curating, and archiving data and other research outputs. Members agree with the DataCite statutes. You can see current DataCite members here.


Sharing data is good. Dataverse is quickly becoming a critical  DataCités 2 accompagne les collectivités dans le développement de leurs stratégies d'usage et de partage de la donnée.


Hi Andreas, It's been a while since you posted this, but I thought I'd try to answer (though 10/6/20 DataCite's unique content.
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DataCite is an active global coalition addressing issues surrounding research data. These include, but are not limited to: standard methods for publication, citation and persistent identification of research datasets increasing access to research data increasing the … Adds the minting plugin, by default it the plugin will run when ever the status (draft,review,deposit,delete) changes. The plugin will then run asynchronously after the change using the eprints queue so the datacite registration wont affect the users view. To this end, we use the object property ``datacite:hasIdentifier`` that has as its object a member of the class ``datacite:Identifier`` or of one of its two sub-classes, ``datacite:ResourceIdentifier`` or ``datacite:AgentIdentifier``, while the latter one is sub-classed by three additional classes, i.e., ``datacite:PersonalIdentifier``, ``datacite:OrganizationIdentifier``, and ``datacite DataCite Schema v4.3: question about contributorName element and xml:lang attribute?

Get started with DataCite! Create and manage DOIs with DataCite Fabrica.
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You may use one of the generic topics below or create a new topic of your choosing. Note: If you have questions about DataCite's technical underpinnings, please visit the DataCite GitHub page and post a discussion topic there.

DataCite Commons is the web interface to explore the PID Graph, formed by the publications, datasets, research software, and other research DataCite Netherlands holds no full text or data content, but rather provides linkages through DOIs, which are tagged to metadata supplied by the data producers. The end result is an efficient, scaleable linking system through which a researcher can click on a reference citation in a journal and access the cited data set.

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The work on DataCite Commons is supported by funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 777523.

Title(s): ? + ? [titleType], AlternativeTitle, Subtitle, TranslatedTitle, Other. Creator(s): ? +. DataCite. Citation Style: Author-Year-Cited Pages.