Tycho Crater is one the youngest large craters on the moon; roughly 110 million years old. It is 86 km in diameter, and its central peak is 1.6 km (one mile) high above the floor of the crater. This video was created by me flying live in the dome of the Hayden Planetarium, using Uniview, the software I directed the creation of with student interns from Sweden's Linkoping University.


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Tycho is a prominent crater on the side of the Moon that permanently faces the Earth. Tycho is believed to have formed about 100 million years ago when an asteroid or comet slammed into the Moon. Tycho Crater Tycho is one of the best preserved near side impact craters. Its strikingly bright rays of ejected material radiate outward for great distances. They can be seen with even a small telescope. This oblique view highlights Tycho's young, sharp rim.

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On June 10, 2011, NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter spacecraft angled its orbit 65° to the west, allowing the LRO Camera NACs to capture a dramatic sunrise view of Tycho crater. A very popular target with amateur astronomers, Tycho is located at 43.37°S, 348.68°E, and is about 51 miles (82 km) in diameter. The summit of the central pea Complex-crater morphology on rocky planets appears to follow a regular sequence with increasing size: small complex craters with a central topographic peak are called central-peak craters, for example Tycho; intermediate-sized craters, in which the central peak is replaced by a ring of peaks, are called peak ring craters, for example Schrödinger; and the largest craters contain multiple Tycho er et (forholdsvis) meget ungt krater med en anslået alder på 108 millioner år, baseret på analyser af prøver kraterets stråler, som blev indsamlet af Apollo 17-månelandingen. Denne alder kunne tyde på, at det er forårsaget af et medlem af asteroidefamilien Baptistina , [7] men det er indtil videre en hypotese, eftersom der ikke foreligger data om sammensætningen af genstanden 2016-07-15 · Tycho crater is covered by 12 SELENE TC ortho-images . The Clementine Ultraviolet/Visible CCD camera (UV/Vis) imaged the Moon at five different wavelengths (415 nm, 750 nm, 900 nm, 950 nm, 1000 nm) with pixel scales between 100 m/pixel and 325 m/pixel (Nozette et al., 1994, Eliason et al., 1999).


Crater · Crayon · creatures · Creep Show · Creeper · Creul Santino Ty Dolla Sign · Ty Segall · Tycho · Tycho Jones · TYNE · Tyzo Bloom. Coma Berenices var en gång del av Lejonets svans och separerades under 1500-talet av Tycho Brahe.

Kráter Tycho je impaktní kráter nacházející se v jižní části přivrácené strany Měsíce.Má průměr 85 kilometrů a je hluboký 4 850 metrů. Podle datování vzorků, získaných expedicí Apollo 17, vznikl kráter Tycho před 109 miliony let, je tak jedním z nejmladších kráterů na Měsíci.

Tycho crater

Image: Lunar and Planetary Institute. Surveyor 7, by contrast, aimed for the rugged northern flank of Tycho 45°5 Figure 13: Tycho Crater. Inset: location map for Tycho. 346°E 351°E 28. Tycho Crater is approximately 86 km wide. a.

Tycho crater

Denna krater är äldre än Tycho-kratern.
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Begravt 40 fot under månens yta. Near the crater"Tyco. It was buried 40 feet below the lunar surface. Begravt 40 fot under månans yta nära  Topics: sverige, skåne, skane, helsingborg, hälsingborg, halsingborg, tycho, image - View of the Tycho Crater and the Seas of Crises, Fertility and Nectar.

They can be seen with even a small telescope. This oblique view highlights Tycho's young, sharp rim. The enormous heat of impact caused molten rock to flood the crater floor.
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Tycho Brahe · E. E. Salpeter · Harold Urey · Thomas Henry Huxley · H. J. Muller Meteor Crater, Arizona, USA · Prague, Czech Republic · Graz, Styria, Austria.

Tycho Crater is approximately 86 km wide. a.

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Tycho Crater: Named after the famed astronomer Tycho Brahe, whose observations of planetary movement lead to Kepler suggesting elliptical orbits for the planets, Tycho crater is a large crater

File:Bloodmoon with Tycho crater.jpg - Wikimedia Commons. blodmaane hashtag on Twitter.